Notice of Annual Parish Council Meeting, Wed 11th May 2022, 8pm



 To Members of Stapleford Parish Council

You are hereby summoned to attend the ANNUAL MEETING OF STAPLEFORD PARISH COUNCIL on to be held on WEDNESDAY 11th May 2022 at 8.00pm in the Jubilee Pavilion, Gog Magog Way, Stapleford to transact the business in the agenda shown below. Members of the public and press are invited to attend and to address the Council in its open forum.

Belinda Irons

Stapleford Parish Clerk

30th April 2022


88.2022           Election of Chairman and signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office

89.2022           Apologies

90.2022           Declaration of Members Interest: disclosable pecuniary, other disclosable, personal

91.2022           Minutes of the previous meeting:

                        PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 8th April 2022 and the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 8th April 2022

 92.2022           Public comment

 93.2022           Election of Vice-Chairman

 94.2022           Portfolio Allocation

Pavilion & Slaughterhouse buildings: monthly inspections, maintenance & management; booking monitoring, planned improvements

Cemetery: grounds maintenance, safety, funerals, monthly inspections

Playgrounds: monitor equipment, maintenance, safety.

Sports facilities: licences, compliance, monthly inspections, contractor liason

Open Spaces and Assets: Recreation field, Slaughterhouse garden, Villedommer Garden, Basil’s Piece, Clerks Piece, benches, noticeboards, bus shelter: maintenance, monthly inspection, safety, contractor liaison

Finance & Audit

Planning : all Councillors

CSET & EW Rail: Cllr H Kettel

Neighbourhood Plan



Ecology, Environment and Climate Change: forward planning, implement schemes, grant funding applications

HR/ Personnel

95.2022           Planning: Cllr B Kettel

                        Planning applications:

22/01375/FUL: 6 Collier Way, Stapleford

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of new dwelling

96.2022           Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Flynn

97.2022           Sports Facilities & Agreements:


MUGA use inc Tennis, Football, Netball


Adult gym equipment: repair needed.

 98.2022           Environment, Ecology & Climate Change: Cllrs Flynn & Gatward

No Mow May

Zero Carbon Communities: grant funding

Queen’s Green Canopy

99.2022           Communications

 100.2022         Highways: 

 101.2022         Pavilion Management: Cllr Pett

                        Pavilion Management Sub-Committee: report

Fencing: update

Bookings: History Society application to return to second Tuesday update

 102.2022         Playground

Adult gym equipment: maintenance costs

103.2022         CSET & East West Rail: Cllr H Kettel:

104.2022         Finance

                        Accounts summary: May Meeting

Income Feb: £94,561.19

Expenditure Feb: £9,218.96

Income Mar: £4,550.20

Expenditure Mar: £22,283.16

Less S106 Ring-fenced: £103,651.71

Carried forward: £80,664.18

May Expenditure to date; To be included in the Minutes

Year End: Summary Receipts & Payments 2022: to be included in the Minutes

105.2022         Section 106 Reports

Pavilion renovation incorporating a public access toilet: meetings update: Cllr Pett & Cllr H Kettel

Play Area official opening: Cllr Pett

Art fund: Cllr G Pett:

Jubilee Pavilion & Recreation Ground entrance illuminated signage update

 106.2022         Cemetery                   

107.2022         Slaughterhouse & Gardens:

Lighting: moving light to rear of building: update

Gardens: renovation: update

108.2022         Queen’s Jubilee and Village Weekend: Cllrs Pett & Gatward

TENS application: submitted

Insurance: Insurance has confirmed its requirements: risk assessment/ physical separation of dog show area/ commercial stalls to have own Public Liability Insurance – copy to SPC for records.

109.2022         Annual Parish Meeting: Matters Arising:

Minutes of Meetings: complaint the minutes do not provide information needed

Communications and consultations: what is being done/ what needs to change?

PC Focus: where should the focus be?

What ‘grass roots’ issues need to be addressed?

Slaughterhouse and gardens: consultation/ communications/ volunteer support

110.2022         Clerk’s updates

                        Review governing documents:

Document storage: discussion/ decision

Zero Carbon Grants: open to 1.6.2022

111.2022         Correspondence

112.2022         Dates of Meetings:

                        9th June, 7th July, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December