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Paul McPhater


I was born and bred in Glasgow. Having lived in London for many years, my partner and I moved from Wandsworth to Stapleford in late 2018. Previously having a career in FinTech, I am now a professional artist focusing primarily on sculpture.

We moved here due to my partner taking up a junior professor role at Cambridge University, working at the bio-medical campus with the aim of seeking cures to childhood brain cancer. Meanwhile I have my own studio at home and you can look at my work on my website: www.paulmcphater.com.

I have always felt it important to help if you can and hope that I can assist in a few areas that might benefit the residents of the village. I am keen that we are fiscally responsible and do what we can to keep the village vital, making best use of our facilities and helping our local commerce as much as possible.

Lastly, I think it important to balance preservation whilst allowing the village to evolve as it always will have done. Careful consideration of this issue is probably one of the biggest responsibilities of the Parish Council.