CSET update, March 2022

A letter has been sent to the Greater Cambridge Partnership by BWTB (Better Ways Than Busways) where Stapleford and Gt Shelford Parish Councils are members, setting out the changes in conditions and circumstances that have occurred since the scheme was first proposed six years ago. Of particular significance is the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow the appeal for the Axis retirement village, the effect of which will require the busway to be relocated deeper into the chalk hills and even further away from the village. These are all sound reasons for reviewing the route. There has been no acknowledgement from the GCP to this letter.

The group worked with Anthony Browne MP to refine the questions in the survey sent to 6,500 residents in the villages affected by CSET. The survey showed that 71.96% of respondents would definitely not support the route and a further 8.99% would probably not support it. The question was put to South Cambs District Council at the recent meeting asking them to reconsider the route given the changes in circumstances. A motion to reject the GCP route was defeated 17-6 by the ruling LibDem Group.

BWTB has been in contact with the business parks to understand their needs and there has also been liaison with prominent local charities and environmental groups to sustain support. BWTB has also connected with the Cambridge to Cambourne group who are also opposing a busroad through their green belt.

Cllr Howard Kettel