SPC Meeting Agenda January 2022

Agendas Uploaded on December 30, 2021

You are hereby summoned to attend the MEETING OF STAPLEFORD PARISH COUNCIL on to be held on THURSDAY 6TH JANUARY 2022 at 7.00pm in the Jubilee Pavilion, Gog Magog Way, Stapleford to transact the business in the agenda shown below. Members of the public and press are invited to attend and to address the Council in its open forum.
Belinda Irons
Stapleford Parish Clerk
29th December 2021

Please be advised that attendees are requested to:
1. Bring a face covering with them, and to wear it whilst in the meeting.
2. Attendees are asked to use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit
3. To maintain a 2m social distancing space.
4. Anyone experiencing Covid or cold symptoms are asked to refrain from attendance.
5. Anyone who experiences Covid or cold symptoms within 10 days of attending the meeting is asked to report this to the Clerk who will contact all attendees and will also advise the NHS Track and Trace programme.
01.2022 Apologies

02.2022 Declaration of Members Interest: disclosable pecuniary, other disclosable, personal

03.2022 Election of Vice-Chairman: PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith appoints Cllr Jenny Flynn as Vice-Chairman with immediate effect.

04.2022 Minutes of the previous meeting:
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th November 2021 and the amended minutes of the meeting held on the 7th October 2021

05.2022 South Cambs District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council: Councillors reports

06.2022 Public comment

07.2022 PC Vacancies: 5 vacancies for co-option

08.2022 Planning: Cllr B Kettel
APPEAL: Inspectorate Ref: APP/W0530/W/21/3274838
S/0022/20/FL Hill Trees, Babraham Road, Gt Shelford
Change of use of public house car park to parking for car sales
Greater Cambridge Planning: Local Plan

09.2022 CSET: Cllr H Kettel

10.2022 Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr Flynn

11.2022 Finance
Scribe accounting: update
Accounts summary: Dec Meeting
Income Nov: £5,139.40
Expenditure Nov: £13,198.29
Less S106 Ring-fenced: £53,737,54
Carried forward: £140,684.26
Expenditure for December will be reported to the meeting

12.2022 Budget & Precept:
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith adopts the budget and agrees the precept is set at £78,750 (seventy eight thousand, seven hundred and fifty pounds)

13.2022 Section 106 Reports
Shed renovation: Snagging update
Pavilion renovation incorporating a public access toilet: Discussion: Cllr Pett
MUGA: snagging update
Play Area renovation: Cllr Pett
Art fund: Cllr G Pett:
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees to commission a Jubilee Pavilion sign to be sited at the top of the drive.
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees to commission an art installation to form part of the perimeter fencing to the play area.

14.2022 Staffing update: Cllr Pett
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees the reviewed Clerk Contract and agrees the salary scale to remain at point 28 at £32,234.00 per annum pro-rata
PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees to retain Kerry Byrne to manage the Administrative processes associated with the Burial Ground to a maximum cost of £1,200 (one thousand two hundred pounds) per annum

15.2022 Sports Facilities & Agreements:
MUGA: management & maintenance: Tennis net fixings rusted: Cllr Flynn
Stapleford Tennis Club request for a path to be laid from the pavilion to the MUGA and then to Haverhill Road
Cricket: agreement to include use of toilets and storage facilities: Cllr Pett
Cricket run up: progress on repair of run up: Cllr Gatward
Adult gym equipment: repair needed.

16.2022 Cemetery: Cllrs Gatward & Pett
Repairs to concrete caps: update

17.2022 Environment, Ecology & Climate Change: Cllrs Flynn & Gatward

18.2022 Communications: Cllr Flynn

19.2022 Pavilion Management: Cllr Pett
Access update
Hallmaster linked to Parish Council website and operational
PROPOSAL: that Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees the formation of a Stapleford Parish Council Pavilion & Recreation Ground Sub-Committee.
PROPOSAL: that Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees the Terms of Reference for the Stapleford Parish Council Pavilion & Recreation Ground Sub-Committee

Fencing: discussion

20.2022 The Public Stone, Chalk, Gravel and Clay Pit: 268975
Response from the Charity Commission:
We are satisfied from the information provided that we can make a scheme to change the purposes for which the land is held. In making such changes, under section 67 of the Charities Act 2011, we must have regard for:
• The spirit of the original gift;
• The desirability of providing new purposes that are close to the original; and
• The necessity for the new purposes to be suitable and effective in light of current social and economic circumstances.
I note your proposal is that the Charity be re-purposed to allow it to transfer the site (currently designated land) to an existing charitable organisation with aims as close as possible to the existing aim of benefitting the residents of Stapleford. Such aims to explicitly include open public access to the site and maintenance of good environmental standards.

The Magog Trust is a charitable company and if the land were transferred to it free of trusts it would become part of its corporate property and could be disposed of at any time. We believe that to have proper regard to the three factors above we need to ensure, as you suggest, that residents of Stapleford continue to benefit from the land, all be it for different purposes. This can be done by retaining the designated nature of the land (but for purposes that are suitable and effective) and I have attached a draft scheme which would achieve this purpose.

A charitable company cannot hold designated land as a part of it’s corporate property. It can however act as trustee of designated land, holding it on separate (but compatible) trusts. It is for this reason that the draft scheme appoints the Magog Trust as trustee and transfers the land to it for the purposes set out in the draft scheme.

Please confirm whether the trustees are content with the draft scheme. In addition, before proceeding, we would need evidence that the Magog Trust is also content with the draft scheme.

The proposed scheme could also, If the prospective new trustee wishes, include a linking direction to link the Public Stone, Chalk, Gravel and Clay Pit charity to the Magog Trust for accounting and registration purposes. If this is to be included in the scheme we will need confirmation that the Magog Trust has read our guidance on linking directions and understands the advantages and limitations of a linking direction. Alternatively, they could apply for such a direction any time after the scheme has been authorised.
Magog Trust is reviewing the its position regarding managing another charity

21.2022 Clerk’s updates
Review governing documents:
Standing Orders
Financial Regulations
Risk Assessment & Risk Assessment Inspection Sheets
Asset Register
Slaughterhouse Garden: tree pollarding

22.2022 Correspondence
Stapleford Tennis Club: complaint: Tennis net fixing rusted
Queens Platinum Jubilee: public holiday: Thursday 2nd June to Monday 6th June
Planning Inspectorate: Axis Development: appeal: granted

23.2022 Code of Conduct: issue resolved

24.2022 Dates of Meetings:
3rd February, 3rd March, 7th April, 12th May, Wed 1st June, 7th July, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December
Annual Parish Meeting