Basil’s Piece

Basil’s Piece

The Parish Council kindly allocated £100 to allow for a mini-make-over for Basil’s Piece.

Over the weekend (19-20th June 2021) two green bins were filled with weeds so that some existing healthy plants could continue to thrive whilst space was made for some new additions.

Several mature lavender plants have been planted to fill the gaps. The hope is that they bring a more sensory edge to the garden given their strong scent. Two Abelia Grandiflora ‘Petite Garden’ have also be added bringing a hint of delicate colour to the garden. Finally some Alpine Dianthus (Arctic Star and Dinetta Pink) have been added to create a boundary for the entrance nearest the bench. They are small now but should soon make their presence felt.

Sunday saw a large amount of pruning as some of the larger plants were spilling over into neighbouring gardens or just becoming a bit wild. Our thanks to Tony for volunteering to do the digging and to Mark for his provision of a home brew afterwards and lending his battery-operated hedge clippers.

Please contact the Clerk if you could be involved in supporting ongoing pruning and weeding, perhaps once every season.