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Stapleford Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting – 5 May 2021 @ 1900 hrs


The SPC annual parish meeting will be held remotely over Zoom on Weds 5th May at 1900 hrs. You can join the meeting by clicking here. The agenda is available here. The following reports from clubs and societies have been submitted in advance: SPC Plans Cambridge Past, Present and Future Stapleford Twinning Stapleford 1st Brownies […]

SPC Extraordinary meeting – Fri 18 June

The Stapleford Pavilion

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the SPC in the pavilion at 1900 hrs on Friday 18 June. The agenda is here on the SPC website.

SPC Meeting July 2021

The Stapleford Pavilion

The next SPC meeting will be at 1930 hrs on Thurs 15th July in Stapleford Pavilion. The Agenda is here on the SPC website.