MUGA Contract Signed

Just a brief update to let the village know that the contract for the Multi Use Games Area has been reviewed, amended and now signed by both sides. This means we have everything in place to get this project rolling once the weather improves. Attached is the high level plan for the project which gives us an initial overview that, all going well, this could take around 6 weeks to complete in late April. Note that the ground-work cannot take place until a sustained minimum temperature has been achieved or the adhesives for the artificial MatchPlay2 surface will not adhere properly. The project will complete with the planting of some evergreen laurels parallel to the road facing edge of the courts. This was mandated by the local authority so as to reduce light spilling onto the road from the new Tweener Light System. Any questions on this please contact Cllr McPhater.

The MUGA Plan

Tweener Lighting System