Following the Parish Council’s refurbishment of the old tennis courts into a state of the art MUGA, it is now possible for other sports to book to use the facility. This has been a significant investment in our community using funds allocated to us via S106 payments from developers. We have taken those funds and created a real asset for the village. We hope it will be widely used and enjoyed by the community.

The ‘default’ set up of the MUGA at the moment is for the tennis nets to be in place at all times. However, this certainly does not mean that the MUGA cannot be booked for other sports.


1. Tennis: bookings for Tennis are made via Stapleford Tennis Club. Click here to find out how ( Tennis Club members do not need to pay to play tennis but still need to book. Non-Tennis Club players booking tennis on a pay-to-play basis will be charged £2.50/half hour. Please note that Tennis Club members wishing to book the MUGA for any other sport must follow the procedures set out below.

2. Basketball: Court 1 may be booked through ClubSpark to use the Basketball hoop for shooting practice (there is only one hoop); the tennis net will remain in place during such bookings and must not be removed. Click here to book. The pay-to-play charge is £2.50/half hour.

3. Other sports: Football and netball bookings are made directly with, and payment is made to, the Parish Council by emailing with details of when you would like to play. Current charges are £5/half hour. Bookings can be for one-time only or a block booking for regular, recurrent play can be made; just let us know what you need.

  • Netball: Court 2 (nearest the MUGA entry gate and children’s play area) is available to book for netball. Prior to your first use, a member of the Parish Council will be in touch to show you how to safely remove the tennis net and install the netball posts (and vice versa at the end of your booking).
  • Football: Court 1 (furthest from the entry gate and next to Haverhill Road) is available to book as an open court for 5-a-side football. Prior to your first use, a member of the Parish Council will be in touch to show you how to safely remove the tennis net (and how to replace it at the end of your booking).


PIN-code access: After booking you will receive an email with your PIN code. The MUGA gate has a key-pad. Simply enter the four-digit code and firmly push open the gate. On leaving, please pause and ensure the gate properly closes behind you to keep the facility safe. Pin codes are unique to every session and should not be shared. Please only let you and your fellow players in when playing. Do not allow anyone else access to the courts as everyone should have their own code and those codes are recorded and monitored so we know who is on the courts at any given time and lights during evening play can be switched on/off accordingly.


Charges: The Parish Council retains the right to adjust charges as it sees fit. The aim is to cover ongoing costs and ensure we keep aside a sum for the maintenance and renewal of the facility at a later date. Please note that booking charges for some sports increased from 1st April 2022 and from this date a nominal additional charge of £0.50/half hour for lighting will be incurred by those booking to play after dusk.

Parking: Free car parking is provided for MUGA users at Stapleford Recreation Ground, with access from Gog Magog Way (CB22 5BQ). If you park on Haverhill Rd, please do not block residents’ driveways or the emergency access bollards, and avoid parking on the green verges.

Playing in adverse weather conditions: In such circumstances, MUGA users play at their own risk. The Parish Council does not clear the surface of snow or ice. If you do snow sweep,  please ensure that it is pushed to the very edges of the Muga and does not pose a risk to other users.

Antisocial behaviour: If you notice any untoward activity at the MUGA, please email or, in extreme cases of vandalism or anti-social behaviour, call the police.

General enquiries: Contact the Parish Council Clerk: