Getting out and about

Now that the COVID-19 has been slightly relaxed, people may want to get out and about. Aside from the local options of Wandlebury, Magog Down and around Dernford Lake, one could venture out a bit further afield to make use of the many footpaths in Cambridgeshire; if you’re stuck for ideas, John Harris has a website with walks nationally and a section on Cambridge. The National Trust also opened some of its facilities, not the houses or formal gardens, for one to explore but it is worth checking their website first to check places are open.

However, please follow the Countryside Code, sticking to signposted footpaths, bridleways or where access has been provided by the landowner for a permissive path through their land. And if you’re walking your dog, please ensure they are under control at all times (this does not mean always on a lead, just under control) and that you pick up any waste and suitably dispose of it.