Safety in Neighbours Burglary Campaign

The idea
Life’s safer when you know your neighbours. With more people looking out for unusual behaviour on your street, burglaries can be prevented.

The design
It features our iconic black and yellow brand colours, but with a modern, animated twist to grab attention and stand out on social media.

The audience
We’ll target the most high-risk areas of England and Wales – but we need you to help us reach people everywhere. Our campaign is designed to appeal to a younger audience of 20 – 50 year olds.

The outcome
We’ll provide a pack of assets for you to share with members. It includes info on the WIDE combination of security measures,  which reduces the risk of burglary by nearly 50 times more than no security prevention measures, a prevention checklist, local crime map, and how to become a member.

The campaign 
We’ll promote it on Neighbourhood Watch’s main Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels for 3 weeks from 27th July. Please help us by sharing on your local channels and do let us know about any local press you are able to generate.

Find out more here…

•    Visit our campaign page
•    Watch our campaign video

Library at Home – Revised Service

Cambridgeshire Libraries can now accept new referrals to the Revised Library@Home Service. This service is open to Cambridgeshire Residents who fit a set criteria: –

The service is for anyone who usually relies heavily on reading books or listening to audiobooks AND who is housebound, shielding or isolating due to age or health conditions under the current COVID-19 Government guidelines.

People accepted for this service will be contacted by a member of the Library@Home Team who will arrange a doorstep delivery of specially chosen books/audiobooks. Deliveries will be monthly (by prior arrangement) and previously loaned books/audiobooks will be picked up when new ones are delivered.

To enquire about the Revised Library@Home Service you can contact us:

By email –

By phone – 07442 022 926  or 07342 700308

A member of Library@Home team will respond to the referral.

Cambridge Based Research Project

A request from Olivia James, a Masters student at UCL:

I write regarding a piece of research which I am currently conducting surrounding the social sustainability of growth in Cambridge from the perspective of local residents. I live and work in Cambridge, whilst studying for a masters in Town Planning at University College London (UCL). My final year dissertation is centred on the above piece of research and the results of a survey targeted at those living in Cambridge.

I was, therefore, wondering about whether it would be possible for you to share the link to the survey via the Parish Council’s social media / webpage or email?

The survey is short, is easily accessed via a web link and all responses will be anonymised with participants able to withdraw from answering questions at any point. It is available at the below link:

The survey has been in circulation for one week and I am anticipating closing it to further responses from next monday (27/07).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Re-opening of the Village Playgrounds

Re-opening of outdoor play areas on Stapleford Recreation Ground and the Slaughter-House Garden Play Area

Stapleford Parish Council has reviewed the current Government guidance, undertaken a risk assessment, and is pleased that the play areas at Stapleford Recreation Ground and the SlaughterHouse are once again open for use.

The Parish Council would like to advise those wishing to use the play equipment of the following points:

  • Each piece of equipment is only to be used by one household or ‘bubble’ at a time. We appreciate that the definition of a ‘bubble’ is changing rapidly.
  • Adults should continue to observe and maintain the current social distancing advice.
  • The equipment and gate are not being routinely cleaned.
  • Please bring hand sanitiser, and clean hands before and after using the equipment.
  • Please use own wipes to clean points of contact before use.
  • Please dispose of waste responsibly.
  • If the playground is busy please consider coming back at a later time; talk to your children about this possibility before visiting.Please do not consume food or drink at these sites.
  • Users should take responsibility for their own actions.