Re-opening of the Village Playgrounds

Re-opening of outdoor play areas on Stapleford Recreation Ground and the Slaughter-House Garden Play Area

Stapleford Parish Council has reviewed the current Government guidance, undertaken a risk assessment, and is pleased that the play areas at Stapleford Recreation Ground and the SlaughterHouse are once again open for use.

The Parish Council would like to advise those wishing to use the play equipment of the following points:

  • Each piece of equipment is only to be used by one household or ‘bubble’ at a time. We appreciate that the definition of a ‘bubble’ is changing rapidly.
  • Adults should continue to observe and maintain the current social distancing advice.
  • The equipment and gate are not being routinely cleaned.
  • Please bring hand sanitiser, and clean hands before and after using the equipment.
  • Please use own wipes to clean points of contact before use.
  • Please dispose of waste responsibly.
  • If the playground is busy please consider coming back at a later time; talk to your children about this possibility before visiting.Please do not consume food or drink at these sites.
  • Users should take responsibility for their own actions.