Sports Facility Improvement Begins

The work to transform our tired tennis courts into amongst the best Multi-Use Games Area in the County started yesterday (22nd April 2021).

ETC Sports are our chosen contractor and they have started by:

  1. Removing the old broken fence
  2. Drilling new drainage holes into the existing surface and filling those with pebbles.
  3. Clearing the existing boundary stonework.
  4. Digging and placing the new post holders for the tennis nets.

The project is likely to take 4-6 weeks so we hope to have the facility up and running by June.

ETC: a company with an excellent pedigree in doing what we require.

Digging new drainage holes so the new facility will not flood even during heavy rain.

The old fence is removed and an industry standard safety fence erected so the team can limit access whilst they do their work.

Day 2 sees the new post holes being positioned. We will need these for Tennis and Netball.

I will look to update everyone as the work progresses along with details on the expected re-opening date.