Stapleford REC Playground Renovation Plans

Stapleford Parish Council and a local working group are developing plans to renovate the playground at the Rec. The aim is to add new items, replace selected older ones and refurbish others. At its most ambitious, the scope of work provides facilities for 50 children to enjoy the playground at one time, using up to 25 play features. It is important to us that all facilities are sustainable and ‘ability inclusive’. We would love to be able to install a double-width slide on the small hill, a trampoline and turning bars, refurbish the existing cradle and older child swings, and replace other equipment, surfacing and benches. Just imagine what a wonderful asset something like this could be for our community (NB: for illustrative purposes only)!

But, let’s not get carried away too quickly… Although three contractor quotes for a full programme of works from specialist outdoor play equipment firms have now been received, we recognise that what we are actually able to deliver will depend upon additional funding available from the Parish Council (which has already committed £20,000), plus grants and private contributions. It is also possible that the playground will evolve over time, rather than being renovated in one go, as more money becomes available.

We hope to start playground renovation later this year. Work will take around one month to complete, including groundwork, equipment installation, surfacing, waste removal and post-installation inspection. Planning permission will not be required because we will not be increasing the height of the play equipment or the overall footprint.

If any parishioners have suggestions for how we can raise more funds, grants we can access, are employed by organisations which donate to this kind of community scheme, or would like to make a private contribution, please contact the Parish Council Clerk via