The MUGA Project: The Next Few Days

The surface has now had all the drainage holes made. The new edging for the courts is now being put in place. All the post holders for netball and tennis have been placed where they need to be.

What we can expect over the next few days is as follows:

  1. A root barrier will be installed along the side of the courts that border the horse pasture.
  2. Some of the existing surface will be dug up to remove existing roots that have burrowed under the surface.
  3. A fresh layer of porous tar-macadam will be laid on top of the old surface. This will provide us with a smooth and stable layer to apply the new Matchplay 2 carpet on.
  4. The new 3 metre high fences will start to arrive shortly.

So, all in all, you will start to see a pretty speedy transformation of the site. Notionally the project was slated for 5-6 weeks but this had contingency built in for adverse weather (if it had started early March) which we may not need to utilise. The plan now is to complete this project in 4-5 weeks.