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There are two defibrillators located in the village which have been procured by your Parish Council: the first located near the entrance door of the Jubilee Pavilion; and the second can be found at Stapleford Primary school. Both units are CU Medical Systems (CU-SP1) and are easy to use, with operating instructions clearly printed on the outside; a video on their operation can be found on YouTube for those interested.

Both should have been registered with the East of England Ambulance Service such that when one rings 999 in need of access to the AED, the defibrillator cabinet code should be made available.

Operating the AED is straightforward as there is a simple on/off button, once pressed the unit will start to talk to the operator detailing how to apply the two chest pads and personal safety instruction for safe operation for the user and to best support and use the AED on a prospective patient. There are also visual illustrations both on the AED and the cabinet to support prospective users.

Of note: users would potentially still be in contact with the 999 service or may have been connected with paramedic services, both who can provide support over the phone on the use of the AED until professional assistance arrives.