Defibrillators in Stapleford

There are two defibrillators located in the village which have been procured by your Parish Council: the first located near the entrance door of the Jubilee Pavilion at the Recreation Ground (as shown in the photo below); the second at Stapleford Community Primary School. Both units are CU Medical Systems (CU-SP1) and are easy to use, with operating instructions clearly printed on the outside. A video on their operation can be found on YouTube.

The Parish Council is responsible for the defibrillator at the Rec. In line with best practise, it is registered with the national defibrillator network, The Circuit (, which ensures that emergency services know the defibrillator cabinet access code in the event that it is needed.

Operating the defibrillator is straightforward. Once the on/off button is pressed, the unit will start to talk to the operator, detailing how to apply the two chest pads and giving personal safety instructions to the user. There are also visual illustrations both on the defibrillator itself and the cabinet.


If you are responsible for a defibrillator elsewhere, read on…

Historically, defibrillators have been registered with a variety of networks. There is now a concerted push to register all of them with The Circuit to form a single, national network. Please double-check that any defibrillator within your organisation is registered accordingly because ONLY THEN CAN IT BE FOUND BY AMBULANCE SERVICES. Note also that if you’ve replaced an older defib, it won’t automatically be registered.¬†Registering takes only a few minutes to do and should be done by anyone who is a guardian of one or more defibrillators.

You would also be wise to purchase a second set of pads and store them with your defibrillator. Look at the model information on your defibrillator to find out what to order. Pads have a ‘use by’ date so do ensure that they are checked and replaced regularly.