MUGA Agreement

The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) project has been underway for a few months now and the presentations on that can be found on the Parish Council’s website (

Funding of £80,000 has been put aside from the S106 money to ensure the project can purchase the required fencing, renew the all-weather surface, and provide lighting so that play can be extended into the evening. A planning permission application has also now been submitted detailing all this.

The Parish Council thought it was important to widen the use of this facility to include football, netball, and basketball, and ensure use by the long-established Stapleford Tennis Club so that this club could continue to flourish.

We are pleased to announce that an agreement has now been reached.  This agreement ensures that tennis will be playable on at least one court for 6 days a week either via membership of the Tennis Club or via a pay-to-pay (P2P) option. The agreement ensures an appropriate financial contribution so that the Parish Council can maintain the facility and accrue sufficient sums to ensure the longer-term replacement costs are reserved. It also ensures the Tennis Club can set aside specific times for coaching and club events which will be noted on their website when the facility is opened (

More specific details around the schedule of play and how to book a court for any sport will be made widely available following a successful outcome of the planning permission exercise.




Stapleford Parish Council & Stapleford Tennis Club