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CSET Busway

CSET Busway

This single page aims to provide you with all the relevant information on this initiative and we will add more material as this becomes available.

  1. The Actual Proposal: Cambridge South East Transport have published details on a proposed new busway between Cambridge Bio-Medical Campus and Granta Park. This route would link up with the existing guided busway and proposed new Cambridge South train station. Details can be found here: https://consultcambs.uk.engagementhq.com/cset-eia
  2. Environmental Impact Analysis: Further, an environmental impact analysis is now to be undertaken. Details can be found here.
  3. The Views of our Parish Council Chairman.   Web Article November 2020
  4. Some Graphics on the Proposed Route. This FINAL-C2.5-Individual-Scheme-Elements-1-1 has been released by the GCP.
  5. The Official Parish Council Position. Here is the official position of the Parish Council.
  6. Video of the Proposed Development. Here is recently released video.
  7. SPC leaflet Busway Leaflet Campaign
  8. SPC response to GCP EIA. Stapleford PC GCP CSET EIA response Dec 2020 (3)
  9. Comment on ‘Leak’ of iTransport Work and Associated Misinformation. Article posted to Facebook 28 Jan 2021 and also as a notice on the SPC website here.
  10. Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Plans for A1307 in the Stapleford Area and General Busway Project Progress. Article posted to Facebook 30 Jan 21 and also as a notice on the SPC website here.
  11. Alternative to GCP’s CSET – PRESS RELEASE, MAR 2021. Press release from the Chair of Stapleford Parish Council. Downloadable photos from the press release: Magog Down and Views over Stapleford
  12. Letter from Stapleford Parish Council Chair to GCP: Alternative route option independent report and formal request for re-evaluation. The letter is available here on our website.
  13. Alternative Shelford Railway Alignment – Report by i-Transport. The report is available here on the SPC website.
  14. Please register your objections to the GCP’s CSET plans by emailing the following council leaders and GCP Board members: https://staplefordparishcouncil.gov.uk/save-our-greenbelt-from-the-gcp-please-write-to-council-leaders-and-the-gcp-now-heres-what-you-might-wish-to-say/
  15. The ATKINS report on the CSET options can be found here on the SPC website.
  16. Stapleford Parish Council Chair’s submission to the GCP Joint Assembly meeting, June 2021.
  17. Anthony Browne’s (MP for South Cambridge) letter to GCP with questions to be answered regards CSET.
  18. Letter from Stapleford Parish Council to Phil Allmendinger, Cambridge University representative on GCP, requesting a review of CSET busway decisions (Feb 2022).
  19. Letter from Great Shelford Parish Council to Elisa Meschini, Chair of the GCP Executive Board, to re-examine an A1307 busway route (Feb 2022).
  20. Press release to Cambridge Independent on behalf of Better Ways Than Busway (a campaign group whose position is supported by, amongst others, Stapleford and Gt Shelford Parish Councils) (April 2022).
  21. News from the Better Ways than Busways campaign (July 2022).
  22. SPC GCP proposed route change in Stapleford – consultation response (Aug 2022).