Pavilion Hire Terms & Conditions

Pavilion Hire Terms & Conditions




  1. Venue Bookings

The bookings of the venue are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

Enquiries regarding bookings may be made by emailing the address below.

All bookings must be made using the online booking system only

All bookings must be paid in advance of the event or block booking

Please be aware that the Parish Clerk works part-time so your enquiry may not be answered immediately .

All correspondence by mail should be sent to 14 Crawley End, Chrishall, Nr Royston, SG8 8QL.


  1. Booking Information

The Main Hall holds up to 120 people for a general ‘Standing’ function and 100 for seated functions with locking chairs. Should these numbers be exceeded, the parish council reserves the right to cancel the event with immediate effect.  It can be booked for a wide range of functions including conferences, adult & children’s parties and for general meetings. There is a car park adjacent to the hall for some 20 cars and on the edge of the field for another 20.

Evening functions will finish by 11.00pm. All entertainment must stop by 11pm.  A £100 charge will be incurred for failing to meet this deadline with the exception for cleaning until 11.30pm.


Contact the Clerk for account details to make payment


General Use (non-exclusive)

Stapleford Residents – large hall       £20 per hour

Non-residents – large hall                  £25 per hour


Party hire (non-exclusive) 
General party hire excluding 18th and 21st birthday parties:

Daytime       Stapleford resident        £30 per hour

Daytime       non-resident                  £40 per hour

Evenings      Stapleford resident        £40 per hour

Evenings       non-resident                 £50 per hour


Birthday parties for 18 and 21st Birthdays

Evening Stapleford resident              £60 per hour

Evening non-resident                        £80 per hour

Separate event insurance will be required in addition to the hourly rate


Commercial Use (for hires which charge attendance for commercial gain)

Large hall     Stapleford resident        £25 per hour

Large hall     non-resident                  £30 per hour


Corporate Use

Large Hall                                        £50 per hour


Wedding Receptions:

Set fee for exclusive use from Friday 13.00 to Sunday 23.00:

Stapleford Residents                        £1,300

Non-residents                                   £1,750


Wedding Receptions:

Set fee for non-exclusive use from Friday 13.00 to Sunday 23.00:

Stapleford Residents                        £1,050

Non-residents                                   £1,260


All Wedding Receptions will require separate event insurance in addition to the hire charge


Refundable Deposit Fee                  £200 for regular hire events

£350 for evening parties

£500 for wedding receptions


Exclusive use of the premises cannot be guaranteed (except for Exclusive Use Weddings) as sporting events may be taking place on the recreation ground; the participants may require use of the kitchen, toilets and changing rooms.


Exclusive Wedding Receptions: to avoid disappointment, we recommend bookings are made as far in advance as possible. Local sports groups enter into agreements with the Parish Council to cover the respective seasons, and use the facilities in the pavilion including the kitchen and toilets.


  1. Terms and Conditions of Hire
    1. Affiliated Stapleford organisations will have priority use, where possible.
    2. All hirers must act with courtesy to the Stapleford Community.

All bookings must be made through the Parish Council and accompanied with the correct supporting documents and full payment of the hire plus the hire deposit.  Failure to do so will result in the booking being declined.

  1. All payments for block bookings shall be paid via an invoice in advance. There will be no refunds available for dates in which block bookings cannot be met. The dates within a block booking cannot be resold once allocated.
  2. The hirer is responsible for all the conditions of hire. The hirer is not entitled to use or enter the premises at any time other that the specific hours for which it is hired.
  3. Stapleford Parish Council reserve the right to refuse hire, or may cancel with or without any agreed hire, if in their opinion, such use could be detrimental to the fabric of the building or its fixtures, fitting, contents or be contrary to the principles of use for which the premises is intended. Stapleford Parish Council reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time before the proposed event and reserves the right to close, prohibit or limit the use of the facilities, entirely at its discretion, at any time. Stapleford Parish Council will not be liable for any loss or expenditure incurred by or on behalf of the hirer or on behalf of any other person arising from the exercise of this discretion, or for the cancellation of any booking, for any reason.
  4. Under no circumstances is the booking or Pavilion to be sub-let to a 3rd party, nor may the hirer allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or for any other purpose than that described on the booking form.
  5. Applications for hire shall not be accepted from persons under the age of 18 years.
  6. A separate online booking shall be completed and submitted for each booking.
  7. ALL cancellations made less than 7 working days prior to the booking date are liable for a cancellation charge.

Cancellation more than 7 days in advance of the event = full refund;

2-7 days in advance = 50% refund;

less than 48hrs in advance = no refund

  1. Applications submitted that include the selling of alcohol must conform with the following terms & conditions of hire:
  1. Applicants selling alcohol at the function are required to obtain the approval of the Parish Council and to obtain a TENs Licence. The applicant must ensure that the appropriate TENs Licence is obtained should the area outside the building be used during the event.
  2. Hirers will not, without the consent of Stapleford Parish Council, introduce equipment, alter fixed installations, alter or remove fire and safety equipment, or otherwise take any action that may create a hazard for persons using the premises. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment brought into the premises meets the current safety regulations, and submit safety certificates, if requested. Stapleford Parish Council cannot be held responsible for any accident that involves any equipment the hirer or his/her agent has brought onto the premises. The hirer must seek the permission of the Clerk at the time of booking if they wish to bring any equipment onto the premises.
  3. Hirers must ensure that outside suppliers and/or entertainers have completed a risk assessment and have adequate insurance. Bouncy castles are a special category. The permission of the Parish Council MUST be sought in advance of the hire, if a bouncy castle is going to be used. The use of bouncy castles must be fully compliant with legislative practice which will include adult supervision at all times, and the supplier’s comprehensive insurance. Bouncy castles MUST be tethered to the ground. Hirers should consider making their own arrangements for adequate insurance cover for their event in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising from the booking.  Where an organisation is named as the hirer (and an authorised representative signs on behalf of the organisation) the organisation (not the authorised representative) is liable and the organisation should have adequate insurance cover.  An authorised representative of the organisation should be present during the hire to ensure that the terms and conditions are observed.
  4. Outside cooking of food can only be carried out by a professional outside caterer with their own insurance policy. No external heat source shall be sited within 4m of the Pavilion building.
  5. Fireworks are not permitted.
  6. Stapleford Parish Council will not be held responsible for any damages or losses to any hirer’s property arising from use of the pavilion nor for any personal damage or injury that may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons using the facilities arising from any cause whatsoever. The Parish Council shall not be responsible for the external failure of utility suppliers, government restriction, unforeseen acts of nature, or any other external reason that might render the pavilion, or part therefore, unfit for the use it was hired. The hirer shall indemnify the Parish Council against any claim that may arise out of the hiring, or which may be made by a user during the hire period in respect of any loss, damage or injury.  An accident book is provided in the kitchen.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to complete this book with details of any accident or any injury to any user of the pavilion during the hiring period. The hirer MUST advise the Clerk or any member of the Parish Council in writing of any accident or incident that has occurred during the hire period, as soon as possible.
  7. The hirer shall, during the period of hire, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, its fabric and contents, their care, safety from damage however slight or change of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction of the Highway, obstruction of the car park for emergency vehicles and obstruction of the emergency exits from the hall. Hirers will be held liable for any damages to the building, furniture or other property that is caused during this hiring. A claim for repair or replacement of such buildings, furniture or other property will be made. Any hirer finding any fault, damage or if any other situation is reported to them, must inform the Clerk or any member of the Parish Council immediately or as soon as possible.  They must also take any action to make matters safe or place a warning for other users. Please report all damages in writing to the Council.
  8. No signage or posters are to be erected internally or externally to the building. Notices and decorations may only be affixed to designated notice boards. Any damage caused by unapproved signage or notices will be deducted from the damage deposit. The hirer may not, without written permission from the parish council, set up any equipment on the paths and walkways surrounding the pavilion.
  9. The Pavilion and immediate surrounding area are to be left in the condition in which they were found. All rubbish is to be removed, including overflow waste from the event on the field, and equipment tidied away. The kitchen area is to be cleaned, including all cutlery and china. Any food brought on site is to be removed by the end of the event. In the case that the venue is left in an untidy/unclean state or if any damage has been caused, any costs incurred by Stapleford Parish Council for repair or cleaning, and the admin time involved in organising this, shall be charged to the hirer and shall be deducted from the damage deposit, up to and including the full amount.
  10. All events will end by 11.00pm. The building must be vacated by 11.30pm. This allows a courtesy 30 minutes to ensure the building is left in a clean and tidy condition.
  11. The use of smoke cans / machines is strictly forbidden.
  12. Strictly NO SMOKING in or immediately outside the building
  13. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all lights and electrical appliances are switched off, taps are turned off in the kitchen and toilet areas and kitchen facilities are properly cleaned prior to vacating the premises.
  14. External door keys will be made available to the hirer, and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they collect and return the keys to the designated premises. For regular hirers, a key deposit fee of £50 will be required, refundable at the termination of the hire and on the return of the key. A nominated member will be given the key and will take responsibility for all activities under the name of the group. If the keyholder is ill the key can be passed to a second person, but the Clerk must be informed. The key holder will be responsible for the all external doors being locked and securely fastened. A door entry code will be provided before the event takes place, and will be routinely changed to ensure the ongoing security of the building.
  15. Hirers and organisers of events are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their function is such that it does not interfere with other activities within the building nor cause inconvenience for the occupiers of nearby houses and property. Please note, a noise limiter has been installed in the large hall; any excessive noise will lead to cessation of electricity, including lights. In all cases hirers should avoid undue noise on arrival and departure. Amplified music is strictly forbidden. Hirers may need a licence to play live or recorded music. It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain a music licence, if required.  if verified noise or behaviour complaints arising from the hire period are received from local residents then the deposit will not be returned and hirers will be banned from using the Pavilion again
  16. Hirers must ensure that the curtains are not drawn across the fire doors. Please note that the curtains on the 2 outer windows sections are ONE curtain and can only be pulled one way. Opening and closing of the curtains are to be done by hand. BE GENTLE. Please leave the blinds in place, tilt or close as required. If the small windows are opened please retract the blinds (they divide in the centre) to allow airflow.
  17. If you are a key holder you must accept the terms & conditions on the keyholder form, which must be signed. The key MAY NOT be passed to an unknown 3rd party WITHOUT prior consent from the Council. Failure to do this will result in the hirer accepting full responsibility for the costs of all the locks being changed and for the issuing of new keys to the Council and other Key holders. They will also be in breach of the Parish Council’s Insurance policy and the Council reserves the right to take legal action to recover any costs.