Stapleford Cemetery Risk Assessment

Stapleford Parish Council will carry out risk assessments of the grave plots, headstones, memorials and kerbstones in this cemetery on a quarterly basis. Any headstones or memorials that are found to be in imminent danger of toppling will be laid flat. In the case of any headstone, memorial or kerbstone that is found to be loose or wobbly (but not in immediate danger of toppling), or otherwise poses a possible risk of harm to cemetery users, the stone mason responsible (where known) will be contacted and asked to arrange with the deceased’s family or next of kin a means of securing it. If, after a suitable period of time, the headstone, memorial or kerbstone has not been made safe then the Parish Council reserves the right to lay it flat, or otherwise make it safe. Any holes in or near grave plots will be filled in.

Please contact either the Clerk or Assistant Clerk for further information or questions.

Stapleford Parish Clerk – 07840 668048
Stapleford Assistant Clerk – 07545 847976