SPC Agenda 01 February 2024

The MEETING OF STAPLEFORD PARISH COUNCIL is to be held on THURSDAY 1st FEBRUARY 2024 at 7.00pm in the Jubilee Pavilion, Gog Magog Way, Stapleford to transact the business in the agenda shown below. Members of the public and press are invited to attend and to address the Council in its open forum.

Belinda Irons

Stapleford Parish Clerk

26th January 2024



26.2024           Apologies

Absence without apology

27.2024           Declaration of Members Interest:

  1. a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
  2. b) To receive written requests for dispensations for declarable interests
  3. c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

28.2024           Minutes of the previous meeting:

 PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agree the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 4th January 2024

29.2024           UK Power Networks & Rangeford: Haverhill Road utilities work: update

 Joint Working Group with UK Power Networks and Rangeford: Issues:

Impact on local highways: including road closures/ damage

HGV impacts: including blocking Drift Track entrance and verge damage

Request for permissive use of land adjacent to Drift Track whilst construction in process.

Noise: including use of vehicle horns

Neighbour liaison


Speed limit

Rangeford Site: Light  left on overnight

Bennett Construction: working outside permitted hours: reported to SCDC Enforcement: ZFKCNXRJ

30.2024           Public Participation Section:

  1. a) Members of the public are able to comment on items on the agenda or raise issues for future agendas
  2. b) To allow any members or the public or Councillors declaring an interest to address the meeting in relation to the business to be transacted at the meeting. Each person has 3 minutes to express their views unless there are a group of people attending on one item, when it is expected that there will be one person acting as spokesperson.
  3. c) At the close of this item, members of the public will not longer be able to address the Council unless invited to do so by the Chairman.

This item will take a maximum time of 15 minutes

31.2024           Neighbourhood Plan: update:  Mrs Jenny Flynn (Chair)      

32.2024           Parish Council resignation and vacancies:

Co-option: no applications received

33.2024           SCDC & CCC Councillors reports

34.2024           Gt Shelford & Stapleford Joint Issues:

  1. Transport: Cllr H Kettel
  2. Highways: Cllr H Kettel
  3. Shops and village centre
  4. Planning: Cllr B Kettel
  5. Caretaker: Cllr G Pett

35.2024           Planning applications:

23/04875/HFUL 3 Dukes Meadow Stapleford

Single storey side extension and Installation of 2no air source heat pumps. Response: 2.2.2024

23/04915/HFUL 28 Aylesford Way Stapleford.

Single storey extension to rear and side. Response: 2.2.2024

24/00124/HFUL  43 Priams Way, Stapleford

Ground floor front entrance extension and carport infill. Response: 2.2.2024

Appeal: 23/01782/FUL: Land rear of 51 Priams Way, Stapleford

Proposed new bungalow dwelling: Inspectorate Ref: APP/W0530/W/23/3327481

Send your comments to: The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. All representations must be received by 29th February 2024

SCDC: Consultation on the Greater Cambridge Housing Strategy 2024 – 2029: Discussion/decision

Street naming & numbering: Land at Haverhill Road/Hinton Way:

Suggested: Strawberry Fields and Meadow Walk

SPC alternatives: Travis Walk / Chalk Stream Way: discussion/decision

The Tree Public House: hoarding falling down/ building in disrepair: discussion

36.2024           Finance

 Bank Reconciliation at 31/12/2024

(per Cash Book)

Bank Reconciliation at 31/12/2023

Cash in Hand 01/04/2023                                                     227,562.39

ADD Receipts 01/04/2023 – 31/12/2023                         136,047.21


SUBTRACT Payments 01/04/2023 – 31/12/2023          81,367.23

A Cash in Hand 31/12/2023                                                 282,242.37 (per Cash Book)


Cash in hand per Bank Statements

Petty Cash 30/09/2023                                                           0.00

2 Account 29/12/2023                                                           283.97

Long Term Stocks & Bonds 30/09/2023                          0.00

Sapphire 31/12/2023                                                             15,717.19

Hallmark 31/12/2023                                                             56,085.66

Current 31/12/2023                                                                10,968.13

Unity Bank 31/12/2023                                                         199,187.42


B Less unpresented payments

Plus unpresented receipts

Adjusted Bank Balance                                                          282,242.37


A = B Checks out OK

 PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees the December bank reconciliation calculated through the Scribe accounting system, as amended with Building Society interest, against the bank statements emailed to all Councillors in advance of the meeting.

 Payments for January:

PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees the payments presented on the schedule provided to Councillors by email in advance of the meeting

 Signatories update

Defibrillator: private donation £500; Village Hall Estates Fund grant £500;Government grant £750.

 37.2024           Sports Facilities & Agreements: Cllrs Disley-Stevens & Green

  1. a) Tennis Club: Agreement: Resolution
  2. b) MUGA: maintenance:

ETC costs:

  1. Individually priced options:

Herbicide / moss treatment: £275 per visit x 2

Infill Regulation Brushing: £250 per visit x 4 minimum

Surface Cleaning contract: 1 year: £750; 3 year £700; 5 year £650 per visit x 2 minimum

2. Schemes:

Bronze: 2 x moss/weed treatment, infill regulation brush treatments x 2,

4 treatments in total:                                                                     £1,550.00

6 treatments in total                                                                      £2,050.00

Silver: Bronze plus additional moss treatment; 1 x Surface Cleaning treatment

4 treatments in total                                                                      £1,775.00

6 treatments in total                                                                      £2,275.00

Gold: Silver plus additional Surface Cleaning treatment

4 treatments in total                                                                      £2,000.00

6 treatments in total                                                                      £2,500.00

Reductions in price for 3 or 5 year contracts

Bronze:£100 to £150 reduction/saving per term

Silver: £175 reduction/ saving per term

Gold: £200 reduction/ saving per term

Recommendation/ proposal

  1. MUGA: light screening:

PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith agrees to purchase heavy duty screening to prevent light spill from the MUGA, from Leach’s (|+Search+Shopping+Debris+Netting&utm_agid=&utm_term=&creative=&device=c&placement=&adtype=pla&product_id=43473277747399&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA75itBhA6EiwAkho9e9l6S_kCy4IwkXfIc5SbfJ9uB2mFFoTqIlqFGXRxBDu-Xl8QFa6HPhoCfewQAvD_BwE in the sum of £240.14 plus VAT, plus installation.

38.2024           Grounds Maintenance and Trees:

 Meeting with contractor: not achieved

Removal of litter bins

Slaugherhouse Garden: Orchard: trees on order

Recreation Ground: perimeter hedge: update

Grounds Maintenance Contract:

Tree Preservation Orders: trees for consideration

CCC Interim Corporate Woodland and Tree Strategy: SPC actions

39.2024           Communications:

40.2024           Highways:  Cllrs Disley-Stevens

 CCC 20mph scheme open: proposed Haverhill Road 20mph: application to be submitted

TRO : 24/202 : Hinton Way

SCDC Parking Enforcement: only appliable where there are yellow no parking lines. Obstruction still to be reported to the Police.

41.2024           Pavilion Management: Cllr Pett

  1. a) Pavilion Working Group: report:
  2. b) Pavilion renovations:
  3. BT/Openreach: Broadband issue: 8m gap between poles and building: Openreach scheduled to complete on 22.12.2023. Work not completed to date.
  4. British Gas Lite: smart meter not working since June 2023 – formal complaint submitted
  5. Pavilion maintenance:
  6. Rise & fall bollards: update

42.2024           Playground

PROPOSAL: That Stapleford Parish Council herewith instructs Broadmead Leisure Ltd to conduct play area maintenance in the sum of £375 plus VAT

43.2024           CSET & East West Rail: Cllr H Kettel:

 CSET Update

The Combined Authority Local Transport and Connectivity Plan

Community Rail Partnership:

44.2024           Section 106 Reports

Art fund: Cllr G Pett:

45.2024           Cemetery

Pressure testing headstones: 13th February commencing 08.30: notice on SPC website.

Application for a bench: decision

46.2024           Slaughterhouse:

Slaughterhouse: Cllr H Kettel: estate agent recommendation:

Planning application: up to £10,000: to include plan app, architect, ancillary and specialist reports

Estimates of financial potentials:

Sold without planning permission: £75,000

Sold with planning permission: £100,000

Sold as converted to a dwelling: £350,000

Building does not have water or sewage facilities.

Any disposal would require a public consultation

47.2024           Village Asset Management:

London Road telephone kiosk: defibrillator (potential £500 private donation) £500 grant received from Village Hall Estate Fund; London Hearts £750 grant. Matched funding requirement £750 plus electrical installation.

Speed indicator devices: replace/repair:

48.2024           Village Weekend: proposed website

49.2024           Correspondence :

 Resident: Haverhill Road highway damage by contractors

Resident: Rangeford working hours breach: 22.1.2024: 20.00 hours working.

50.2024           Dates of Meetings:      2024

7th March; 4th April; 2nd May (Annual Parish Council Meeting); 7th June; 4th July; 5th September; 3rd October; 7th November; 5th December

Annual Parish Meeting: 11th April