MUGA: What A Difference A Week Makes

Many will have been passing the MUGA site and seeing the pretty rapid transformation in the past week.

Recently the old surface has been levelled using two thin coats of porous asphalt: this is in preparation for the actual playing surface which will be “carpet-like” in nature. This ‘carpet’ (MatchPlay2) will then be impregnated with kiln-fired sand that holds it in place and protects the carpet fibres. It also aids the bounce in your tennis balls!

Most of the fencing is now erect. You will notice the bottom half of the fence has double mesh so as to act as a kick-board for any footballs bouncing off the lower half. There are a few gaps and those are in anticipation of gates being fitted in the coming weeks.

A trench was laid today (12th) for electrical supply to the MUGA. Power will come from the shed on the recreation ground. This will be needed for both one of the  gates and and the LCD “Tweener Lights”. The work has also begun to install the court divider which allow for different sports to be played simultaneously.


So, to complete the works the following tasks will be done in the following weeks:

  1. Install the gates
  2. Install the Matchplay2 playing surface and dress with sand
  3. Affix all the lines for the different sports
  4. Install the Tweener Lights

After that we are obliged to plant a row of mature laurels so as to partly shield the lights from Haverhill Road.

We are ahead of schedule which is great news.